Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Everything we know has its beginnings in a belief. In mathematics, the whole body of proofs rest on the belief or definition that certain things are a certain way. In chemistry and physics, we build great technologies on laws which have their roots in mere beliefs. Even in our everyday life we must believe that what we experience is real and will still be real tomorrow.

We must also permit religion and philosophy some basic beliefs to establish a foundation upon which to build. After the basic beliefs are in place, the use of observation, logic, reason, along with a small amount of intuition, can be used to finish and test the structure. Belief must always, however, be kept to a minimum. To test the validity of a belief, we can use the law of simplicity which states that the truth will be that which is most simple, beautiful and reasonable.

Of all the questions put to science and religion the one which has the most diverse answers is: What or who created the universe? Science normally says chance and religion says God. This is one area where science and religion agree because chance is a quality of God. When God created the universe it also created the law. The laws of science, math and nature cause the universe to unfold according to God’s plans. Random behavior and chance are simply laws of mathematics and alone could not create anything. They were themselves created. Once the laws of nature were created by the pure intelligence of God the rest was easy. Like a wound up spring the universe unfolded and is unfolding still. The birth and death of stars created the heavy elements to build our planet and our very bodies. Even dark matter, which contains enough force to keep the universe accelerating in its expansion, was created by God. In fact dark matter isn’t matter at all, it is the Holy Spirit using it’s will to create this force. Everything works together like a great symphony. There should be no doubt, especially to the scientist, that intelligence created the universe and life. Scientist are often embarrassed to say that they really do believe in creation of the universe by God, the great Singularity. The idea alone is most simple, beautiful and reasonable.

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