Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Qualities are the building blocks of existence, of both the subjective and objective worlds. Even the atom is broken down into qualities of force and charge. The human body, mind and emotions all can be reduced to qualities. Becoming aware of these, helps a great deal in understanding the whole system they compose.

The qualities mankind uses to define God are simply exaggerations of the qualities humans themselves possess. God has countless qualities that humans will never see or understand, and for which we have no thoughts or names. This is why we will never completely understand God, and why God will always have an unknowable side of Itself. The reason we have trouble understanding the creation of something from nothing, is because we cannot conceive of the qualities, or true potential, of nothing. This is also the reason we have trouble understanding eternity, because everything we know is temporary.

Although certain people are more talented in ways such as speaking, the arts, organizing, teaching, business, etc., none are above or greater than another from the perspective of God the whole. They all simply supply certain qualities for this whole. Yet, it is through the differences in these qualities that people attempt to create the illusion that they are above others. This is why elitist groups are formed to dominate others. Academicians judge themselves, and all others, by the amount of their education; Christians, by the amount of their compassion and love; con-artists, by their ability to deceive; and politicians, by their ability to manipulate. Some religions go so far as to rate themselves by the power of their imagination and faith in illusion. It is through the elitist group’s belief in their superiority that they attempt to wield power in the world at the expense of others. These elitists always judge the world by the qualities they posses or worship. And try to convince others of their superiority.

The law of diversity states that variety is sacred, because it gives strength to the Whole. This law applies to all the qualities of man, as well as those of other forms of life, and even to matter itself. It is important for seekers of the truth to recognize all their personal qualities, both strengths and weaknesses, and accept them. This self love comes with self realization and must be learned in order to see the perfect position you occupy in the world. In your job, home and society, you must see this perfection within and of the whole in order to be one with it. Only then can the love and understanding for yourself spill over onto your children, friends, and even your enemies. Understanding that the Whole of God is composed of all qualities will bring spiritual liberation and tolerance into your life.

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