Thursday, November 20, 2008


All of life is a religious experience. Religions should be looked on as schools within schools to get the true perspective of where they lie within the whole. After years of study in a religion or a school of thought, the time comes when we must choose to stay or to graduate. All religions try to keep their followers from leaving. This is a means of controlling those who are not ready to go on to something else. Jesus passed through many schools of the Far East as well as Judaism during his lost years. Paul Twitchell, the founder of Eckankar, also passed through many schools before presenting his teachings. In his book, “The Tigers Fang”, Paul twitchell tells the symbolic story of the struggle of the followers of the worlds religions with their leaders. In this story, the leaders all insisted that they were the highest and that there was nothing beyond them. As the story unfold, they are all proven to have been lying to keep control of their followers. There was always a teaching higher than the one just left behind.

And, so it goes in the real world. There is always something more to be learned; and qualities of God to be discovered and perfected. A religion that is willing to change with the discovery of new knowledge regarding man and his world is a living religion. One that holds steadfast to its ancient dogma is dead. Living religions are what man needs for further evolution. If you cannot find a living religion that fits the way you believe, it may be the time for you to create your own personal religion or belief system. For some, it is better to have a religion of one, than to follow a religion that has been outgrown.

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