Wednesday, November 19, 2008


1. SURVIVE: Do what you must to insure your survival, as well as the survival of those whole systems to which you belong. Whole systems include family, society, nation, world, philosophical belief, race, etc. When threatened, we naturally revert to the whole system which is in danger. For example, we work for the growth and survival of the world, but in time of war we revert to the protection of our nation. We also work for the growth and survival of our nation; but, if our family is threatened, we identify first and foremost with it and its protection. If we as an individual are threatened, our association with other whole systems will normally be put aside to deal exclusively with the protection of the smallest whole system to which we belong, the self. Although these general rules can be overcome by some people, they hold true in most cases. In time of conflict and strife, it is very difficult to think first of the greater whole, but it is something we must practice. Placing the whole above the self, the world above the nation, and the whole of life above human life, are heroic qualities and are desperately needed to save the world from destruction.

2. DIVERSIFY: Diversity helps to insure survival of different species of life and of life itself. The many physical, emotional, mental, and personality traits of humans enhance specialization and division of work. Since it cannot be foreseen what type of quality might be the one to advance the human species or to save it from destruction, a wide variety of qualities are important. All qualities have an upside and a downside. Just as a small car saves gas, but loses room and the opposite is true of a large car, so every man and woman has their strengths and weaknesses. Never feel guilty because of an inadequacy, for it is the nature of all things to have both strengths and weaknesses. It is up to us to place our attention on our strengths, after discovering them through self realization. This is the most important lesson of self realization and must be understood.

Variety is one of God’s more important laws for life. It insures a wide range of experiences from life and guarantees its survival. Species come and go, but life will remain and evolve. The law of diversity will always be with us; and, because of it, there will never be agreement on anything by all people. There will never be one government, religion, or one way to do anything. All these things have a truth of their own and are necessary. Each calls to its own, those who are in harmony with its ways. This state of apparent confusion is the natural way. This is the way it was planned and the way it shall remain. There will always be people who will harmonize with your views, but never will everyone agree with them. Unless a person is ready for a way of thinking, it is a waste of time trying to convert them. There is a place for everything in this world, for in diversity there is strength.

3. GROW: The driving force in all life, is to become more, This is because it is God’s nature to become more; and, being part of God, it is our nature as well. This is why in our sports we are always striving to become stronger or faster; and why in science and philosophy we are always striving for more knowledge. It is our responsibility and desire to constantly try to reach higher levels in ourselves, our family, or job, community, nation, and world. This command to life is what gave us the will to evolve ourselves and will always be our destiny.

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