Thursday, November 20, 2008


The Jews have been waiting for over three thousand years for Abraham’s Messianic days to come, the days when all people shall live by God’s laws. The fact is that people have always been living by God’s laws because it is impossible for them to do anything else. We are in the Messianic days now, and always have been. Perhaps Abraham knew it was not time for people to have the freedom of this knowledge. That mankind must discover this truth for themselves before they could be free. The truth can make you free, but it may also hurt a little in the process. It takes a while getting used to being your own master, and being one on one with God, rather than communicating with God through another. This responsibility can be frightening, and many men flee from the realization of this truth. They flee into the arms of idols, such as masters, bibles and commandments to take up their time and energy, and to give them strength.

Abraham gave his people over 200 laws to follow and none of them will lead a man any closer to God. The symbolic fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, eaten by Adam and Eve is still with us today. Those who eat, see that nearly everything ever written about God is incorrect. But, before you eat, you must realize that you too will be thrown out of the garden of Eden, which is the comforting arms of illusion, to be alone with the alone.

Practically everything stated about God and heaven is wrong except that God does exist. Individuals have been motivated by greed, power and ego to say and write what they have about God. There are many intelligent beings in the universe who have greater power and intelligence than humans; but these great beings are not Gods, any more than any life form is God. Together we make up the Whole, which is God.

All the laws of God were made long before life began, even before the singularity spewed out the universe. God’s only laws are the laws of science: the laws of physics, chemistry and mathematics. These scientific laws apply to all of existence and cannot be broken. Anywhere you put together hydrogen and oxygen in the right conditions, you will get water, sayeth the Lord. All other laws were made by man. From the laws of Moses down to the constitution, laws have been made by men to protect the human species. Even when we make a law to protect our environment, or another species of life, it is still for our enrichment and protection. We do not want to live in an ugly polluted world. The ten commandments and the social laws of today are exactly the same in degree of holiness. They are simply tools of survival.

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