Thursday, November 20, 2008


God once lived in a timeless spaceless singularity, in Its pure form. It was pure law and energy, and alone. Everything that ever was or would be, existed in the lonely now of that moment.

After an eternity of resting in the alone, God decided to start the cycle of creation again, as It had countless times before, each with a different outcome. It divided
Itself in two, so there would be conflict and change, and It would no longer be alone. From that day forward, these two opposite forces have attracted each other, trying to reunite and become one again. The male and female, the proton and the electron, the opposite ends of a magnet, will all be apart until the Whole again merges. It is because the One became two that all action, conflict and movement exist. At that moment God decided to become something more, and It created that something out of Itself.

Long after the suns spewed out the heavy metals, and the worlds were in place, God’s consciousness entered into the universe as life. Life is God’s active participation in the world It made out of Itself. When life needs to evolve, it evolves itself. All that life needs is a desire, or a vacuum and it will try to fill it. All life radiates light in the infrared part of the spectrum. This heat radiation is the true aura of the mystics of old. All life has intelligence, can move matter and can recreate itself. Only God can do these things, and it is the God in us that does. Always remember that God became life, It did not just create it. Rejoice or weep, for you are He.

God in Its most pure form is energy and law, and this pure self exists within all matter by the four forces of nature: gravity, electromagnetic radiation, strong, and weak nuclear forces. The laws of God are the laws of mathematics, chemistry, and physics.

God acts upon the Whole in three ways: creating, sustaining, and destroying it. These are the three faces of God in the Hindu religion. We all love the creator side of God, and are thankful for our existence in the same natural way that we love and give thanks to our mothers and fathers, for our existence. We all hate and fear the destroyer side of God, for it is destruction and death in the world. We hate the destroyer although it is necessary for change. Humans spend most of their worship, the state of awe and wonder, on the center aspect of God, the sustainer. It is within this area that all the qualities that help us survive have their existence.

Thousands of years ago the sustainer qualities of power and might were worshiped. Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Mohamed and others popularized the the qualities love and wisdom to enhance our survival, and keep the human race from destroying itself. Love and wisdom constantly battle for dominance. We constantly struggle with getting the right mixture, for the ultimate chance of survival of the human race and the world. The quality of tolerance is created out of wisdom. It must one day rise to the top of the sustainer qualities worshiped by the human race if it is to survive in the future.

The qualities we worship change as the needs of the times change. We once worshiped fertility and the cold merciless killing of our enemies; today we worship restraint and softheartedness. The truth is that all human qualities are God qualities, with some being out of favor until their need arises. To truly worship the whole of God we must learn to accept the destroyer face of God and ourselves, along with the creator and sustainer. The destroyer is as important to the Whole as the others. If nothing died there would be no room for new life or change. The same is true for governments, societies, customs and even worlds. Our nature to fight the destroyer, love the creator and worship the sustainer, will always be a part of us, and this is good. We must, however, understand and accept the destroyer as a part of God and humankind, a worthy adversary in our eternal struggle. It is our struggle with this negative side that brings out our best. The deer develop their speed because of the lion's strength. Humans developed clothing, shelter and tools because of the winters cold. Our intelligence has risen because of our obstacles. We may never love this destroyer part of God and man, though some cults try; but, we can accept them as a necessary part of God’s whole self and our own, and look upon them too, with awe and wonder.

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