Tuesday, November 18, 2008


The ultimate purpose of discipline in the pursuit of spiritual truth is to curb the human nature to become more. Our nature to survive and become more serves us well most of the time; but, even this tool must be discarded to reach the highest truth. Through discipline, one learns to understand how this part of our nature creates the illusion that there is more to God than there really is.

As humans grow into higher areas of socialization and evolution they rely more and more on discipline. The ability to curb the appetite for sex, hunger, violence, greed, etc. Can achieve greater happiness and a higher survival rate for the whole.

It is human nature to desire to become more in all phases of our existence. We wish for more power, possessions, wealth, love, happiness; and yes, even more God. Our nature to become more is what has evolved life to this point. This nature was placed in all life by God when It became life. It is because of this compulsion to be more that we invented or embellished some and perhaps most of the supernatural aspects of God. Only through the discipline of this urge can we grasp the truth. The truth is that God became the universe and all its laws, which in turn created and evolved life. Creation is God’s way of experiencing as much as It can; and, when It is through, we and the universe will once again become God in Its pure energy state.

Life is like a flame, they both have consciousness and the ability to move or change matter. Life is a chemical change, with the emission of photons being consciousness. Our bodies, brain, and mind constantly emit photons in the infrared part of the electromagnetic spectrum. These packets of energy travel at the speed of light where time stands still. Life, like energy, is always conserved. Life simply changes form through physical and mental work. It becomes its creations and is forever a part of everything it touches. We affect our world through our actions and our children’s actions. This is our immortality and the way we shape the future. Isn’t this enough? Isn’t the continuation of God’s quest enough reason for our birth, existence and for our death? Even if we give up the concept of being an eternal consciousness and there being a special place created for us to spend a blissful eternity with God Almighty, it is still very much worth being a piece of the puzzle. It is an honor being a brush stroke in this great work of art. We need wisdom and courage to see and accept true spiritual insight and this is why we practice discipline. Everything has a price and part of the price of spiritual freedom and enlightenment is the acceptance of our mortality.

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