Tuesday, November 18, 2008


This journey’s just a brush stroke
in the painting of your life
it moves across the canvas
drawing meaning of your plight
it sweeps and shades and swallows
empty space and time
creating a masterpiece
from a life completely blind

There’s a statement in a life cut short
and in the lines of an old man’s face
there’s beauty in the courage
of something done in vain
and of joy and love, desperation and pain
every life’s a masterpiece,
there will never be two the same

Fill your brush up with emotions,
and boldly pint
mixing vivid colors
with tears for subtle shades
your mind is busy etching symbols in the piece
forever changing patterns,
your creations never cease

This life is just a brush stroke
in the painting of your soul
you lay there on the canvas
in the act of trying to know.

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