Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Power is the second of the big three of spiritual qualities. Along with wisdom and love, it has been worshipped down through the ages. We can see in the old testament of the Bible that power was the most feared quality of God and religion. The leaders of old used this fear to their advantage and it is still used today.

All qualities contain power, which can be used by those who know how. Power exists in so many things that it is hard to see the spiritual connection, unless you look at the area of survival. Any quality that insures our survival and the survival of the whole is worshipped by humans. We admire these qualities in others even when they misuse them because a part of us wishes to possess them ourselves. The urge to have power over our environment and over others is in all of us to some degree. The most competition for power results in the most able making the important decisions in all our organizations from religion and politics to business. It is our leaders who have won the test of power and have taken on the responsibility for the survival of the whole system which they are head.

It is not so important that the seeker of truth gain more power in his life, but to see how others hold him captive with their power. It is only through this realization that one con escape their grasp and be free; or at least be a knowing participant in the struggle.

By seeing yourself as a perfect part of the whole, you will take away much of the power others have over you. Do not believe people when they try to make you feel inferior; or those who try to make you feel guilty for the way you act or see life as long as you are not destructive to others. We all have our strengths and our weaknesses. Have the confidence to be what you were intended to be and fear will leave you. This is the beginning of freedom. In this state of mind, no one will have power over you unless you permit it. There are, however, times when it is in our best interest to permit ourselves to be dominated. Just as there are times when we ourselves are called on to dominate. The whole is strengthened through the organization of its parts under wise leaders.

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