Thursday, November 20, 2008


Consciousness exists everywhere and nowhere. It exists in all matter and space, just as energy exists in all matter and space. A rock has a small quantity while a planet has a larger quantity; but even our whole planet has less consciousness than one human being. As you approach the mass of the sun, you approach the consciousness of man. A neutron star or a black hole has much more consciousness than any life form. It is the consciousness of dark matter which causes the universe to accelerate its expansion. Imagine all matter in one place, such as the beginning of the universe and you have a consciousness of an almost infinite nature; billions of times more intelligent than a human being. This is only part of God the creator; the creator of the laws of math and science, the architect of the all. As It blew Itself into space, It used Its purest self, the holy spirit, to create the universe and to sow the seeds of life.

As we learned in high school physics class, all matter has certain qualities. It has weight, occupies space, and contains energy as stated in Einstein’s formula E=MC2. One quality we never learned in class is that all matter also contains consciousness. The problem is that matter cannot communicate its consciousness. It is life’s special ability to communicate consciousness, turn it into action, and replicate itself. It is the communication of consciousness rather than the consciousness itself, which is unique in living things.

The brain is a complex mind over matter machine. It permits consciousness, which is in everything, to have its effect on the universe. A rock is conscious, but can do nothing about it. A brain on the other hand, makes it possible to do something other than just be.

How do we know our fellow human beings have consciousness? It is simply because they act like us that we presume they must have consciousness. The rock, on the other hand, is not like us and cannot communicate its consciousness. Therefore, we presume that it has no consciousness when in fact it does. All matter from the tiny electron to the universe itself has consciousness and intelligence. Together these make up part of the mind of God.

The forces of nature have been around since the beginning of the universe, over 20 billion years ago. It is logical that consciousness must also have existed since creation; long before the planets could support life. Just as electricity can be manifested from an electromagnetic field, consciousness is manifested from, and is part of, the natural forces of nature.

As the universe expands and cools, consciousness in life forms will continue to rise until, at the extreme opposite end of creation, the fruits of God’s labor will be gathered. This will be in the form of greater qualities and quantities of consciousness and intelligence and their manifestations. This will all be kept in the records of the eternal now; that place beyond the speed of light where time stands still.

After God the holy spirit created the universe and the law out of Itself, Its sole purpose became to sustain that which It created while It evolved and matured. Matter on the subatomic level is very close to nothingness. Units of force which create matter tend to blink in and out of existence all the time. It is God’s job to keep the universe and the law in existence until they are gathered together again during the destruction phase of the universe. The rest is up to us. The creator God has not interfered with our lives in a direct way since It became life.

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