Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Let us take a minute to put in balance our high opinion of ourselves as humans. The human species is just one of the millions of species of life on this planet. We all look different and have a wide variety of skills because our species has found success in survival by diversification. We have a highly developed ego, or I center, which can identify with anything. Have you ever heard of a dog, who after living with many cats, thinks he is a cat? Or a pet, who is exclusively around people who thinks he is a person? Other animals do have this ability but the human ego has perfected it.

We can identify with good or evil. Good are the higher survival qualities for the individual or the group. Evil are the lower survival qualities which cause the lessening or destruction of the individual or the group. When God looks at mankind, It sees the whole of mankind within the larger whole of life. God, the Holy Spirit, sees neither good nor evil in mankind, only perfection in what is. When you look at a painting, do you say, “the reds are beautiful, but those blues and browns are sure ugly”? No. You see the whole of the painting.

We humans are fortunate to have developed the ability to identify with anything, from politics to race, from sex to philosophy. As stated in the chapter on group consciousness, listen for the words I am to discover with how much your ego identifies. I am a republican, I am white, I am an American, I am a Catholic, etc. Make a list and you will see how active your ego is. The point is not to eliminate identifying with the parts of the whole; but, to add a few more, For example: I am part of the whole, therefore, I am the whole. I am part of God, therefore, I am God. Try to see the whole as God sees it. Seeing from this viewpoint will put you in a higher state of consciousness and will raise the whole of mankind along with you.

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