Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Jesus gave the message of love to the world 2000 years ago. The message was: love God, love your neighbor as yourself, and love your enemies. He taught this message in a simple way using parables, because those he was teaching were mostly uneducated people. The were the salt of the earth: laborers, fishermen, farmers and the like.

Love is one of our highest emotions. It helps protect and nurture our young, and binds the family into a tight unit for the purpose of survival. It is a quality which all humans possess to some degree, although women more abundantly, because of their special role in bearing and nurturing the children. If you are lacking in the quality of love, do not despair. Use the qualities which are strong in you instead of trying to force one which is weak. There are other high emotional and mental qualities which are as “spiritual” as love.

Not only is love one of our highest emotions, it is probably our favorite. Our literature and poetry are full of the subject, as is our music, films, and art. We all enjoy loving and being loved. Of all the qualities of ourselves that we worship, love is among the highest. Only wisdom and power are even in the same league.

Love is like a talent, you are born with different degrees of it; and , just like a talent, it can be improved upon if you have the desire to do so, Joy is the purest form of love that can be given to others. When we are simply happy we give out love as naturally as a fire gives out light.

We can see that God was loving because of how It created the universe. Take color for example, the world could be black and white; and sound, if sound waves did not travel through air or water, we would have evolved without hearing. As you study science, you are confronted by countless examples of how things seem to have been created with intelligence, and with the love of life in mind.

Despite the value mankind places upon love, it is important not to worry if you are lacking in it, or any of the more worshipped qualities. It is God’s plan that we all have varying degrees of all the qualities in order to gain the strength found in diversity. Despite your personal mixture of qualities, you can rest assured that you too can achieve spiritual liberation.

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