Tuesday, November 18, 2008


We all have a difficult time keeping love, or any other higher emotion, flowing in our lives. Men have an especially hard time because young boys are often encouraged to ignore their physical pains, as well as their emotional ones. They are encouraged to lie to the world and to themselves about these pains. Even if a fall hurts, they tell the world and themselves that it did not. These lies have the effect of blocking the pain and the emotion, just as a hypnotic suggestion does.

During time of war, this attitude is admirable because it develops good warriors. Warriors who no longer feel pain, and even lose their natural fear of danger, are brave in battle. This trade off, of sensitivity for strength, is sometimes worth the price, in the protection of the family, tribe, or country. However, most civilized societies in today’s world greatly need the qualities produced by emotional honesty.

Today, much of the world is experiencing a reprieve from the war like struggle for survival. In another century or so, the world may again be plunged into darkness. We must take advantage of this time given to us to develop the higher emotional and mental qualities, such as love, wisdom and tolerance. Emotional honesty is important in bringing out these subtle qualities.

E en in the area of positive thinking, there is danger of emotional dishonesty. Internal statements such as, I feel great, when one really feels unhappy is lying to oneself and should be avoided. It is much better to acknowledge the unhappiness, and say, “I am feeling better and better." This subtle change will keep you honest with yourself, and will allow the emotions to flow freely through you as they were intended. The cycles of ups and down is natural and should be accepted as is. We must embrace our whole selves and not only certain parts. Emotional honesty will aid us in this task, which is a key step for the realization of truth.

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