Thursday, November 20, 2008


Like many other areas of metaphysics and spiritual philosophy, the void is cloaked in useless mystery. To understand it simply and clearly, let us first take a look at the field of mathematics.

For every positive numbers there is a negative number: 1 and -1, 10 and -10, 1000 and -1000 and on into infinity. The number 0 is the only number with no opposite, and it lies in the center of the universe of numbers. It can be said that in the number 0 is the potential for all other numbers and their opposites. It is from the number 0 that all numbers are created.

This is also true of the worlds of matter and energy. The reason the universe is expanding equally in all directions is because it started at point 0, the great singularity, or point nothing which is the void. God, the unknowable, was the void before creation. There is confusion over the concept of the void because there is no true void in existence in the physical world; it only exists in the spiritual world. The true void is more than the absence of things; it is the potential of everything. Just as all numbers exist in 0, all creation exists in the void.

The void is also filled with consciousness. It is the pure state of the Holy Spirit and the force that creates, maintains and destroys the worlds of time and space. It is the dark matter of which the scientists speak, which is neither dark nor matter. If anything it is light and energy, but even this doesn’t describe the indescribable nature of the void.

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