Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Heart based religions are those which worship the high emotions such as love, bliss and compassion. They profess these emotions to be more Godlike than the mental qualities such as reason and logic. This thinking is not only incorrect, it is also the wrong way to obtain these sought after emotions. To seek an emotion like bliss is to chase it away from you. The best way to make these high emotions a part of your consciousness in a balanced manner is through the mind.

The qualities of the heart as well as those of the mind are important on the road to God realization. Although the mental is often ridiculed by the heart based religions, it is the road to understanding ourselves and our relationship to God. Understanding the truth helps us gain freedom. The realization of self and God are mental acts, not emotional ones. It is through understanding and freedom that confidence, happiness and love come into our lives. Heart religions ridicule the mind because they know it is the only force which can break their hold on their followers. They know that it can defeat blind faith and superstition.

It is man’s nature to try to understand God and himself. The mind’s higher intelligence evolved last because it is the newest and most potent tool we have for this quest.
If you use the mind to know yourself and God, the high emotions will also be yours. Seek first the understanding of the kingdom of God and everything else will also be yours.

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