Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Keeping or breaking one’s word has several important effects on the individual and the whole. The most common is that correct information and trust result in better social organization. To be able to count on what others say makes it possible for a group to achieve more with less mistakes.

The Native Americans considered the lie to be one of the most serious of transgressions. It could result in death or banishment for those guilty of it. Societies which hunt and gather, and are in a constant threat of war, need to trust in statements and promises in order to survive. Today, people still have the instincts from these early times, though not always essential for survival. This is why most people detest those who lie, and those who do not do what they say they will.

The other reason for keeping one’s word is how it affects the individual giving it. Every time we say we will do something, either to ourselves or another, the message is passed from the ego to the higher self or soul. The higher self takes everything we say and think very literally and immediately begins planning how to achieve success regarding the matter. If we do not follow through with our promises, the higher self cannot count on the orders and information received, and becomes confused. After a while, it will no longer give its entire energy resources to a project because it cannot trust the ego. This is similar to the way lies have power over others until those lied to become aware and lose trust. Ultimately the liar has less power than ever because of their ruined reputation.

The way to correct the situation of a mistrusted ego is to start with small goals and promises to yourself and others, and always complete them as precisely as possible. This will help the higher self or soul become confident that what is promised will be done. Once this confidence is established, it can marshal all its forces on your behalf and can actually make things happen that we at times cannot explain. The higher self can bring actions into being which are as close to miracles as we will ever perform. The higher self has access to information and power that we rarely use. Being true to your word will manifest this power and wisdom in your life and make you more successful at everything you attempt to do.

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