Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Webster has two definitions of the word master: 1. One who has chief authority or control. 2. One eminently skilled in an occupation, art or science. Although the spiritual masters of the past and present did and still do have some authority over their students, and they have or had skills in the art of religion, the term master is , in today’s world, a negative one when used in the master/student relationship.

Since the days of slavery, the term master points to its opposite, slave. The words we use affect the subconscious mind by turning ideas into ridged structures of thought. If, for example, we use four letter words which describe lower bodily functions to constantly express ourselves, we will experience a lowering of consciousness. This is because we subconsciously identify with that which we place our attention upon. Of course, the opposite is also true. If we think high thoughts, emotions, and words such as love, or God, we will be raised in consciousness. Using the word master in describing your spiritual teacher makes you develop the consciousness of a slave with feelings of inferiority and should be avoided. The word, teacher, is much more appropriate and causes less harm to both student and teacher.

Most students who follow a master are taught that the master has two sides: the outer or physical side and the inner or spiritual side. This spiritual side is said to be an entity which watches your every move; and teaches, loves, protects and guides you. Before you can be spiritually free you must learn and gain confidence in the fact that this spiritual entity is your own higher self. You are the only true master of yourself. Teachers come and go; but, your higher self is always there, closer than a heartbeat.

Religions are schools and as everything else have a good and bad side. The upside is that they teach the qualities of loyalty and discipline; and, some powerful techniques for survival and growth, such as prayer, contemplation, meditation, and ethics. The down side is that they breed guilt, fear, inferiority, and dependency. If you are ready to test yourself and be your own master, it can be a beautiful experience; but, leaving the nest can be hard and frightening in the beginning. During this early stage, remember that with use your wings will grow strong and you will fly with the truly free.

Religion often supplies many people with a necessary element for their growth, the loving teacher. The reason there are people who do not have a strong need for religion, is because they had one or more loving teachers in their forming years. This type of relationship gives one self confidence, reduces fear, and promotes self confidence, reduces fear, and promotes self love. It is with a loving teacher that we truly absorb what is taught into the fabric of our consciousness. Some people find a loving teacher in a parent, brother, sister, friend, or a loving mate. But, millions search the religions of the world for their loving teacher. Teachers long dead are tempting, for they are held up to the world as lovers of all people. Although these departed teachers can help a person to cope, they can only learn the lesson of love from a living person. The loving teacher must be someone you can meet with privately or in small groups. Someone who can look at you, touch you, and care enough for you to teach from love, Many of today’s spiritual teachers want large groups so they can be powerful in the world, despite the fact that this power will almost certainly corrupt them. Most of these teachers try to hold on to their students by guilt, fear, and illusion. It is only when the student begins to see through this deception that he realizes he no longer needs the teacher.

The highest lesson you can learn from any master or teacher is that the highest part of yourself is the true master of yourself. Most teachers will not tell you this directly, you must come to realize it yourself. They will do everything in their power to remain in control. With persistence, however, you will realize that the inner master, dream master, and guardian angel are all parts of your own higher self and the only master you will ever need. The teachers of the world only help show the way, provide a foundation upon which you can build, and try to hold you back until you are strong enough to become free. Once you learn this and accept all the parts of yourself, both good and bad, as parts of your perfect self, you will be free. You must learn to see the wholes within the whole. This is the way to self realization and God realization. Enlightenment is becoming truly human in order to begin life in earnest.

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