Wednesday, November 19, 2008


You are perfect just as you are. There is no need to contemplate or meditate to become a better person in the spiritual sense. However, if you admire a particular quality, and wish to strengthen it in yourself, meditation ore contemplation may be helpful. Also if you wish your soul to fulfill its destiny for this life you might like to meditate. Meditation can strengthen the communication between soul, the Holy Spirit and the mind.

An extrovert places most of his attention outside his head in the world of action, things and people; while the introvert places most of his attention inside his head, thinking, dreaming and feeling. This behavior can be extreme and you may wish to balance it in the middle area which is where most people exist. I would like to point out, however, that extremes add strength to the whole and are important. Anyone wishing to change their objective/subjective balance should give some consideration to the good of the whole before making this decision. It is often better to learn what our strengths are and to use them, rather than trying to strengthen our weak qualities in order to become a perfect person. This type of perfection of becoming strong in all qualities goes against God’s law of balance. It is an illusion of man and impossible to achieve. The truth is that we are already perfect from God’s viewpoint of the whole, and by dwelling upon this perfection you will begin to see the truth in all things.

People often think they will become closer to God by using meditation techniques. It may be true that to contemplate on love will cause you to feel and express more love in your life; but, this is not being closer to God, it is only expressing more of a certain quality of God. We can use these techniques to become different, but not more God like, because we are already totally of God. Time would be better spent recognizing all our human qualities and those of the world, and accepting them all as necessary for survival, existence and growth. It is only that they are need at different times in our existence, and in the existence of the human race. Meditation and contemplation can be used as tools of the mind to understand the mystery of ourselves and the universe.

Try meditating twice a day for about 20 minutes morning and night. Consistency is important, even using the same chair helps achieve success. Start by concentrating on your breathing and feel the in-breath going into your heart area. Chant a holy word inside your mind or out loud if you like. After a while switch your attention to your head area and look hard at what is in your field of mental vision. If you see a blue or other colored light, watch it as it builds and recedes in brightness and form. If you get a sound listen to it build and recede. You may get short dreams or visions. Try to bring them into your consciousness. They are difficult to capture at first, but with practice you will be able to remember them. Take a minute to interpret the symbols of the vision as you would in a dream. Look at the symbols and ask yourself, what this represents in my life. Remember that only the dreamer can interpret the symbols accurately. These visions are messages from your higher soul self. They are trying to guide you in your life so that soul can accomplish what its mission is in life.

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