Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Human beings are all philosophers to one degree or another. Most borrow their ideas from a culture or a religion and change it slightly to their needs, while others try for a little more originality, insight, and depth. Philosophy is the act of understanding and simply stating the laws of life. It is used by man to become more, and to enhance his chances of survival. However, any philosophy is only a part of the truth. When you ask people to describe the earth, they normally describe the area where they live, or that which is familiar. Some talk of the desert, some of the mountains, others of the sea shore. All speak the truth, but only a part of the truth, The true and complete philosophy of life is the whole of all philosophies. All political, economic, religious, scientific, and humanistic philosophies still only begin to describe the whole truth, as there are many more philosophies yet to be discovered.

We learn from debate that there is truth in both sides of every argument. This way of seeing all sides of an issue is called the 360 degree viewpoint. Wisdom is the selection of the right idea at the right time, with the whole in mind, while still seeing the truth in the ideas of others. This is the attitude needed in the world today to increase the level of tolerance where it is warranted. Since any philosophy of life is only part of the truth, an open mind will permit you to see more of the truth in everything, even in the ideas of your enemies.

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