Saturday, November 22, 2008


The book I wrote 20 years ago, Illusion to Enlightenment, is printed below. It is out of print and I want anyone who wishes to read it, copy it, refute it, or believe it, to have access to it. As long as it gets you to think, I have done my job. May the blessings be on your journey and may your soul accomplish its mission in life.

With love and Respect,
Ron Chrislock


Anonymous said...

Hi Ron,
I'm wondering if you are the musician I heard do a song on an Eck tape a long time ago (late 70s) and I lost the tape long ago. I've always wanted to get a copy of that song. I can remember so little of it now. It was a very meditative, cool song. I can only offer a hint. I remember something like lyrics referring to watching a bird fly and then the line "and closing my eyes, I slip away". Does that ring a bell about one of your songs, possibly? I would love to hear that song again. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
Dave Zajac
Bristol, CT

Ron Chrislock said...

Yes I am that Ron Chrislock. You may listen and download for free my music at Ron Chrislock at Ron